How can the Halo Project assist landowners and home owners ?

The potential for TB to have a significant impact on farmer's livelihoods has been clearly demonstrated at the Holy Cow milk farm in Reynoldstown.  Our hearts go out to Merrell and Alex in this time of great strain.  However the community support has been mind blowing, with over $14,000 already raised on givealittle - amazing!

How can our Halo Project (see our Community Consultation Document for more details) help the likes of Merrell, and others farmers in the area? OSPRI are working to eradicate TB in the area, currently focused on the Mt.Cargill area.  The Halo Project is in close communication with OSPRI, and are looking to support and expand upon their work where we can.

We are in the process of fund raising for both the capital purchase of traps and a project coordinator.  The range of traps will help to deal with possums, as well as stoats and ferrets, and even rats.  It is important that we address multiple pest species, otherwise there could be a a risk of perverse ecological outcomes. 

If you are interested in being involved, please do contact us.