Orokonui Halo Project

The recent breach of the Orokonui ecosanctuary’s predator proof fence by a stoat is hopefully just a one-off event, but it understandably caused concern for the Otago Natural History Trust (ONHT) and its supporters. In addition, there is the ‘spillover’ of threatened bird species from beyond the Orokonui fence, as their populations expand into the wider landscape. This ‘spillover’ is expected as is the fact that many of these birds will be quickly preyed upon by a wide variety of pests outside of the sanctuary’s fence. Extending the protection ‘halo’ will provide greater safe habitat for threatened birds beyond the Orokonui fence and assist these birds to inhabit areas where we all live.

To see this dream become reality, the LCT is developing a Pest Management Programme (PMP) for the ‘Orokonui Halo’ project. This PMP will provide the strategic basis for the implementation of coordinated pest control into the future, allowing residents to contribute to pest control in an integrated and meaningful manner and guided by local practitioners and experts.

We are currently surveying local residents who live within a possible ‘halo’ area regarding their opinions on pest control. The precise halo area is yet to be defined and will in part be determined by the extent of support from the local community.

If you live within the area and would like to provide feedback, please complete our questionnaire before 8th November 2015. See https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/orokonui_halo.